Driving a digital future - The Merseyside Digital Roadmap

'The Five Year Forward View’ and ‘Personalised Health and Care 2020’ both recognise the significant role and use of digital technology in supporting people to live healthier lives, whilst transforming the way care is delivered. 

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The Merseyside Digital Roadmap sets out how we as a local health and social care economy will achieve the national ambition of improving care quality and patient experience through harnessing the benefits of digital technology and innovation.

 Merseyside stands out as a leader in digital care and as an economy, we have made significant progress with ground breaking results in information sharing, assistive technology and analytics delivering evidenced based patient outcomes and improved quality of care.

Locally, there is widespread consensus that transformational change is necessary across all settings of care, and our digital leaders regularly spend time with their clinical partners shadowing delivery of day to day front line care in order to ensure that change is clinically driven and the technology used acts as an enabler for improved care provision.

Putting our citizens at the heart of everything we do, our aim is to enable and empower individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing, supported by a connected health and social care economy where professionals are able to access the information they need through integrated systems.

To deliver this vision, the way in which we access, deliver and experience care services will need to change and as a health and social care economy, we have identified a number of shared ambitions which together will help us achieve the national challenge and support the delivery of our Sustainability Transformation Plans. 

Our three digital ambitions for Merseyside: 

  • Digitally embowered individuals 
  • A connected health and social care economy 
  • Exploiting the digital revolution 

The case for the reconfiguration of hospital services is clear; as an economy we have too many providers, too much duplication and even triplication leading to unwarranted variation in the quality of care. To ensure clinical and financial sustainability we must find new and innovative ways to deliver better services at lower cost to create the financial and workforce capacity to enable a shift of care from acute to community settings. 

To achieve this, The Merseyside Digital Roadmap exploits the foundations laid over years of collaboration with local commissioners, providers and local authorities and provides the collective direction of travel for a digitally enabled future where individuals are empowered and information is shared to improve the health of the local population.

Underpinning the Roadmap is as set of guiding principles that have been developed by clinical and digital health and social care stakeholders from across the economy. These principles sit at a strategic level and will be incorporated into the procurement process of all organisations to ensure that the technology commissioned goes beyond the requirements of individual organisations and reflects the ambition of The Merseyside Digital Roadmap. A ‘Digital Top 10’ have also been identified providing broad approaches and programme delivery areas which we will adopt as an economy to deliver our local ambitions and national challenges surrounding sustainability and digitally-enabled health. 


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